about Special Horses We Are Dedicated to Raising Awareness and Funds for Equine Organizations That Rescue and Rehabilitate Abused, Abandoned, and Neglected Horses

Special Horses Is Dedicated to Raising Awareness and Funds for Equines In Need

"TED PEEPLOVER"... OUR INSPIRATION Since 2009, Special Horses has raised funds for equine rescue organizations across the United States. The inspiration for our fundraising efforts began with one horse: Ted PeepLover (Zen’s Secret ReaZen).




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THE AMAZING HORSE THAT LOVES MARSHMALLOW PEEPS Ted PeepLover is truly the heart of Special Horses. He was foaled March 20, 1992 and his breeder and trainer, Oscar Wells Sr., named him Zen’s Secret ReaZen in honor of an illustrious linage that included Secretariat, Zen, and Hail to Reason. Ted became his barn name, and until his recent diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease, his favorite treats were marshmallow Peeps. While Ted’s pedigree was exemplary, he had only one win, one place, and one show in 27 starts at Fairmount Race Track in Illinois, and he passed through a few hands before Wendi Neckameyer, Founder and Executive Director of Special Horses, came across a small newspaper ad listing him for sale. Wendi bought Ted, and through her contacts in the horse community, she discovered that many unsuccessful racehorses are regularly sent to auctions and end up in slaughterhouses. (The Cavel Slaughterhouse is now closed, but it one of the worst and was located a short distance from the Fairmount track in Illinois where Ted raced.) Many amazing, in-the-trenches equine rescue organizations have made it their mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for these horses and are working hard to make sure their story doesn't have a terrible ending. Wendi knows her beloved Ted could easily have ended up at an auction–or worse, a slaughterhouse–so she decided to found Special Horses and raise funds to help the rescue organizations that save horses. Starting from its humble beginnings with a “Secret Santa” fundraiser on the Chronicle of the Horse Forums in 2007, Special Horses grew and was granted tax-exempt, charitable status in March, 2010. Special Horses now runs numerous fundraisers throughout the year and Ted PeepLover continues to work tirelessly posting about the fundraisers on social media so he can help horses that have been abused, neglected, and abandoned.
The ART OF TED Ted has been featured in all of the branding for Special Horses since day one! A sketch of his profile was part of our first logo and our new logo includes an exquisite painting by Pat DeLong (right). Pat is a gifted artist from Palmerton, PA and she used a photo of Ted for her inspiration.





SPECIAL HORSES' CREDENTIALS Since 2009, we have been a trusted, accredited 501(c)(3) equine charity. Honesty, fiscal responsibility, and transparency are important to us and we understand that these characteristics are the foundation of your support, so we encourage you to verify our credentials by clicking on the organizations below.

Wendi Neckameyer, Executive Director

St. Louis, Missouri

Ted's Mom, Fudge Expert


Kathryn Dennis, Director

Fredericksburg, Virginia


Darla Green, Director

New Melle, Missouri


Jean Rightmire, Treasurer

Marathon, New York


Jean has been an animal lover and advocate since childhood. She currently owns and operates a successful horse farm in New York state. She brings to Special Horses 30 years of nonprofit management and fund development experience. Jean has rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed numerous animals - wild and domestic.

GONE, BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN This video – "This It Be Right" – was created by Ann Ezzell, with words by Sarah Young. It is a tribute to the horses we have loved and lost.

Dedicated to Raising Awareness and Funds for Equines in Need

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